Esto es lo que soy,

this is who I am,

or in Kaqchikel—in jare'. 

My name is byroN José sun and I'm an educator, writer, and photographer with roots in every place I have lived in. I want to use my creativity to promote a vision of humanity, compassion, sacrifice, and justice by exploring life in both violence and non-violence. 

I strongly believe the writer mustn’t try to replace the world with a less violent version,

but rather present it as it is, to force people to feel, and think of their place in the world. For a moment, I want the reader to suspend their reality, their own perspective—to send them spinning in a different direction so they can experience the things I have seen firsthand. I'm but a tool to give agency and voice to those who haven't been allowed one. Because of that, I mustn't forget the reality, the hardships, and the happy moments of the individuals my stories represent, as this is one way I can preserve our humanity.


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